Monday, October 22, 2012

Things Which Are a Must When Visiting the Spa City of Bath

Bath is one of England's most loved destinations and among the most visited cities in the country. The spa city of Bath is known throughout the world and sees a huge number of visitors every year who want to experience this special West Country city for many reasons. The city was recognised by UNESCO when it was inaugurated as a World Heritage City in 1987 due to its rich historical heritage, which visitors can still see and enjoy much of today. Here is a brief guide looking at just some of the many must-see and must-visit attractions around this special UK spa city. On arriving, you will find it hard not to see the both beautiful and magnificent Georgian period architecture which is so prominent throughout the city. In contrast, one of the first stops on any visitor's list is the wonderful Ancient Roman Baths situated in the city centre. This beautiful, historic building was constructed around 60 - 70 AD at the time of the occupation by the Roman Empire.

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